What’s Up | 07/27/10

I had an awesome weekend. The weekend coming off some really big project or test is usually uber chill, and this weekend was no exception.

I find that a good way to tell whether the weekend is a chill one is by the number of random naps I take throughout the day (and night).

I think that I’ve napped whenever I felt it from Friday to tonight. What makes these naps infinitely sweeter is when you set an alarm and you turn it off and sleep for another hour.

I love chill weekends.

As you guys probably already know, I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Saturday with Khang, Eric, and James. First time at a theme park in NorCal, and I have to say that it was a pretty decent theme park.

I liked how it had a good mix of family-friendly attractions and intense roller coaster rides. Still, my favorite theme park remains Six Flags Magic Mountain – there’s just no way to beat a park with a near-ubiquitous presence of roller coasters.

Sunday, I went to church in the morning, napped in the afternoon, and played tennis with Anna and James at the Channing Courts. It was pretty fun, and being a noob at tennis, I used some basic strategies from table tennis to successfully hit the ball.

Today, I went to work in the morning. My buddy Kent flew in from SoCal in the afternoon, so we spent several hours playing basketball at the RSF.

We played three half-court four on fours, then combined teams to dominate the full court games downstairs. Definitely one of the better basketball sessions I’ve had this summer.

James, Kent, and I drove to 99 Ranch in El Cerrito for some dinner. We ate at Daimo, a Canto-restaurant, where I had BBQ Pork over egg noodles. Tasty.

After coming back home, I had a huge food coma, so I decided to take a nap for twenty minutes. That twenty minutes turned into an hour, and after waking up from a peaceful rest, I finished up on my homework.

Looking forward to a slightly less-intense week.

Food coma at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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