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Run River North (Formerly Monsters Calling Home) at the Grammy Museum 07/23/13

Last night, I caught a live show of one of my favorite up-and-coming indie bands, Run River North. This talented Korean-American folk group has an awesome back story, and
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Guest Post | Alan Dai, Brother and Musician Extraordinaire

The man himself – Alan Dai, my brother! I asked Alan if he’d be down to share some of his musical performances and thoughts on my blog before he
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Summertime “In Limbo” Update

Well it’s been a week (or two? or three?) since the start of summer break, and I’ve been losing track of the hours and days – they seem to
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Monsters Calling Home

I know I’ve been linking Monsters Calling Home videos on Facebook for some time now. But I just had to share this one – it’s a short clip on
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Finals Study Tips

Ok, I’m going to take a quick break from finishing up my take-home final that’s due this afternoon. This post will be about random tips for finals studying –

Rebecca Black – Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan

“Who the hell is Rebecca Black? Did she do a cover of this song?” – mrtheblr Because it’s Friday, here’s a little treat for you guys from a living

Vlog 5.21.10 | My Summer Schedule

I never found the best way to attach my Flip camcorder to my bike…and my bike is toast anyway. But I did find an awesome way to attach the
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ABA Presents…Harmony from the Heart

As you may already know, my business club (ABA) is hosting a charity concert featuring AJ Rafael and Jennifer Chung, two very popular musicians on YouTube. The concert is