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Final Thoughts on My Four Years at UC Berkeley

I don’t often get writer’s block. When I do, more often than not it’s because I find it hard to express something so dear to my heart, something I’ve
Guest Posts

Guest Post | Shawn Sheikh, CEO & Founder of The Hamper

Continuing with my guest posts, I’d like to feature another friend of mine who’s doing some great things in the world. I first met Shawn – a Haas student
Guest Posts

Guest Post | Rebecca Hui, Berkeley Haas School of Business ’13 Graduation Speaker

  For my next guest post I’d like to feature another friend of mine, Rebecca Hui, who shared her journey and insights during our Haas School of Business graduation.
What's Up

What’s Up | 06/07/13

This will be an ambitious post. I just looked through my What’s Up section, and it’s looking like my What’s Up posts have become semester check-in posts. No matter,
Guest Posts

Guest Post | Jing Xiong, Berkeley EALC ’13 Graduation Speaker

For my next guest post, I’m excited to share with you my good friend Jing Xiong’s graduation speech for the Berkeley East Asian Languages and Cultures department, class of
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Sun God 2013 Recap

A week ago, I embarked on the long drive from Berkeley to LA to San Diego right after my last final as an undergrad. I was heading to the
Pic Post

Glen: Skateboarding to Graduation

A big thank you to Kevin for taking some amazing graduation pictures for me and my friends. In my last post I shared a 1965 picture of a man
Guest Posts

Guest Post | Gene Luen Yang, Author of American Born Chinese

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to hear Gene Luen Yang speak at Cal during an InterVarsity meeting. Gene is the author of the multiple award-winning graphic novel
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Glen’s Top 10 Coachella Moments

It’s been a week since Coachella, and I’m still missing the desert and music. This will be my last Coachella-themed post in a while, so I’ll just share some
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Coachella 2013 Day 3 Recap

This is the third day recap. Read about Coachella Day 1 and Day 2. The third and final day of Coachella – too soon! We definitely slept in today