2017: Glen Edition + Looking Ahead to 2018

Another year completed! 2017 was one of the most fun years I’ve ever had. I think an appropriate recurring theme of 2017 was enjoyment – I was able to fully enjoy everything that I love doing, from music to traveling to the outdoors, to the absolute max. Doing it with great friends made it that much more fun.

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Major 2017 Accomplishments

  • Made the first job change of my career
  • Continued co-leading church community (small) group, hitting the 2-year mark
  • Volunteered for Back on My Feet morning runs, attending 3-4 times/month at 5:45am to run with folks from local homeless shelters
  • Learned to breathe on my left side for swimming, better late than never
  • Stayed active with swimming, basketball, hiking, mountaineering, and snowboarding

Cities Visited in 2017

Coachella 2017

Concerts & Music Festivals in 2017

  • Dirtybird Quarterly @ Mezzanine (01/20/17)
  • Deafheaven @ The Independent (02/23/17)
  • Japandroids @ The Fillmore (03/14/17)
  • Oathbreaker @ Thee Parkside (03/29/17)
  • Coachella @ Indio (04/14 – 04/16/17)
  • Deadmau5 @ Fox Theater (04/25/17)
  • DIIV @ Mezzanine (05/16/17)
  • Dreamstate @ Bill Graham (05/27/17)
  • Governor’s Ball @ New York City (06/02 – 06/04/17)
  • Alpha 9 @ Audio (06/08/17)
  • FYF Fest @ Los Angeles (07/21 – 07/23/17)
  • Lollapalooza @ Chicago (08/05 – 08/06/17)
  • TranceFamily SF @ The Great Northern (08/26/17)
  • Shiba San @ 1015 Folsom (09/01/17)
  • Justin Martin @ The Great Northern (09/14/17)
  • Gareth Emery @ 1015 Folsom (09/15/17)
  • TOKiMONSTA @ Mezzanine (09/20/17)
  • RÜFÜS DU SOL @ The Great Northern (09/28/17)
  • Nosaj Thing @ The Great Northern (09/30/17)
  • Miguel Migs @ Monarch (10/14/17)
  • Skream @ Halcyon (11/04/17)
  • Jeremy Olander @ Audio (11/18/17)
  • Kaskade Redux @ Audio (12/05/17)
  • Dirtybird Quarterly @ Mezzanine (12/22/17)

Lake Tahoe 2017

Hiking/Backpacking & the Outdoors in 2017

  • Mt. Tamalpais – started off the year with the Dipsea-Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Loop Trail
  • Angel Island – ferried from SF & camped overnight at one of the 16 campsites on the island
  • Murietta Falls – completed what’s considered one of hardest hikes in the Bay Area
  • Big Basin Redwoods – revisited Berry Creek Falls Trail, hiked last 3 miles on a sprained ankle
  • Mt. Lassen – first mountaineering adventure, learned how to use crampons & ice axe in the snow
  • Benton Hot Springs – hiked North Dome in Yosemite & stayed at a hot springs campground
  • Hoover Wilderness – backpacked in the Eastern Sierra for 3 days, fished and battled mosquito swarms
  • Mt. Shasta & Mt. Thielsen – epic 4-day mountaineering adventure including a road trip to Oregon & back, two mountains, some camping, and summiting my first fourteener, Mt. Shasta at 14,180 ft.
  • Yosemite – fall camping trip in the valley at Upper Pines, chill times at Mist Trail & making s’mores
  • Tahoe (x7) – made good use of that Epic snowboarding pass

Total Boba Milk Tea Check-Ins in 2017: 76

  • Still ordering at 50% sweetness and substituting grass jelly for boba
  • Top shop: Boba Guys @ 429 Stockton St (32 check-ins)
  • Runner-up: Sharetea @ 135 4th St (24 check-ins)
  • Rookie of the year: Steap Tea Bar @ 827 Sacramento St

Checking in on 2017 Goals

These were taken from my 2017 New Year’s blog post:

  • Blog at least once a month – completed 12 posts, but not necessarily on a monthly cadence and counting several guest posts
  • Attend an out-of-state music festival – checked off a couple: Governor’s Ball & Lollapalooza, thanks to the Festival Passport
  • Spend more time volunteering – volunteered consistently for Back on My Feet
  • Pick up a new hobby or revive an out-of-practice hobby – new hobby: mountaineering, out-of-practice hobby: drumming
  • Continue to do what I love (travel, music, hobbies, etc.) – see sections above

Andytown Coffee Stop

Looking Ahead to 2018

Even though 2017 was such an amazing and fun year for me, there were some downsides. Jumping from one trip to the next show to the next meet-up meant I had a lot less downtime. It was harder to find the time to reflect, rest, and write.

For 2018, I’d like to focus on the theme of doubling down. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing more of the things I love. To me, it’s about focusing on the quality of the things I love, by whittling down and being more selective of my time and energy while still pursuing my passions. Hopefully this will allow me to enjoy the year and have more time to also double down on my need for rest, desire for reflection, and love for writing.

Goals for 2018

  • I will become proficient at riding switch on my snowboard
  • I will find a writing group or set aside time each month to write
  • I will get more comfortable with the snow (either backcountry courses or more mountaineering)
  • I will continue to stay involved with volunteering in SF

So excited for 2018! Looking forward to the coming year.

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