Coachella 2018 Full Lineup + Glen’s Recommended Sets

It’s that time of the year! For as long as this blog has existed (since 2010!), I’ve made it an annual tradition to post the Coachella lineup every single year. I originally did it because I was a college student on a student budget – it was the closest I’d get to experience part of the Coachella fun. Starting in 2012, I finally started the annual trek out to Indio to experience the festival firsthand.

Without fail, Coachella has always been the best three days of the year. Despite all the hype and hate it gets, Coachella is definitively a premier festival with a huge production & marketing budget. Because of its sheer size, brand name, and coveted “first of the year” slot, it typically gets dibs on a vast variety of big-name, up-and-coming, and indie acts from nearly every genre imaginable.

But I digress. You came here to see the 2018 lineup and some recs. Here they are!

Coachella 2018

And for some extra fun, I present:

Lineups from the Past Eight Coachellas

Should be fun digging through the older ones and seeing some tiny fonts gradually grow into sub and main festival headliners!

Thoughts on the 2018 Lineup

I’ve been tracking articles, blog posts, subreddits, and forums since the lineup dropped to get a feel for this year’s bookings. With hip hop having a breakout year thanks to the exploding popularity of online streaming services, it’s not surprising that Coachella focused on hip hop artists in 2018. And with EDC moving to an earlier May slot this year, a lot of the big EDM names likely prioritized an EDC booking over a Coachella one.

What does this all mean? Even with the pivot, Coachella will still be tons of fun and filled with good music, because it’s one of the most organized and well-planned festivals out there. They nailed it with their headliners, now firmly set in the 21st century with a nod toward mainstream tastes. They did a solid job with their subheadliners (even though it was arguably a weaker aspect this year). And without fail, they once again put together a treasure trove of undercard acts. There’s seriously so much good music to discover and check out!

Glen’s Recommended Sets

Compared to past years, my blog post this year focuses on recommended sets instead of must-see sets. Think of it as an off-the-beaten-path list of artists to discover and potentially check out in between sets you’re already planning to see.

Moses Sumney – a recent discovery, incredible singing with a folk & soul electronic production

Yaeji – my favorite new artist of 2017, chilled-out house with a truly unique voice and style

Barclay Crenshaw – house producer Claude VonStroke’s alter ego makes for some trippy hip hop beats

King Krule – a jazzy indie rocker with incredible talent (released his first album at 19) and unmistakable voice

Flatbush Zombies – East Coast rap group with a high-energy live show, they get the crowd going

X Japan – legendary power metal band from Japan, active since the 80s – they will be a treat to see live

Los Ángeles Azules – Mexican music group playing the cumbia sonidera genre, will be a fun set

Peggy Gou – another up-and-coming techno producer, catchy beats with interesting sonic details and layering

Jean-Michel Jarre – one of the godfathers of modern-day electronic music, once played to 3.5 million people (!)

Kamasi Washington – classic jazz sounds with a modern spin, excellent live band

If you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Coachella lineup, be sure to check out my previous posts on this music festival from my archives. There’s tons of great info on what to expect, plus some detailed recaps of my past Coachellas!

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