Coachella 2017 Full Lineup + Glen’s Must-See Sets

The lineup for Coachella 2017 dropped earlier today, and after spending the day processing and analyzing the list, I’m sold. I think this is one of the best that Goldenvoice has put together since 2012, with the deepest lineup of artists and bands that I personally want to see!

Take a look below:

It looks like Goldenvoice was able to book all three of their top picks for headliners. No last-minute deal fall-throughs or substitutions. No re-uniting Legacy acts. These are artists at the top of their game with large and loyal fanbases. The crowds are guaranteed to be massive this year.

This year’s lineup is also one of the most balanced I’ve seen. From new-school hip hop to big-room EDM to indie rock/pop/electronica, there’s something for everyone and just enough left-field and surprise bookings to keep music fans on their toes.

The Hans Zimmer booking was probably the most talked-about, and with good reason. Just take a look at the video below of a live performance, and imagine if they were able to pull that off in the desert.

Also, don’t sleep on Yuma! Over the past few years, some of the best times I’ve spent were in Yuma Tent. And from the looks of it, Yuma will be stacked this year! Watch this video and do yourself a favor – check it out!

Glen’s Top Sets

  • Radiohead – my all-time favorite band, started my Coachella journey with them in 2012
  • The xx – still one of the few times I had a religious experience listening to live music
  • Denzel Curry – the best new-school rapper, check out his XXL Freshman bars
  • Beyonce – the Queen, not much else to add
  • Bon Iver – bringing back more 2012 nostalgia, supporting a solid new album
  • Nicolas Jaar – some of the best electronic music I’ve danced to
  • Four Tet – like I said, Yuma Tent will be stacked
  • Kendrick Lamar – the one, the only
  • Justice – epic new album, will show the youngsters how live EDM is done
  • New Order – this one’s a real treat, these guys are legends
  • Porteon – Shelter tour, part 2, no complaints here!
  • Hans Zimmer – see above video, then write out wishlist of songs
  • Kaytranada – missed this super talented producer twice now, no more!
  • The Belleville Three – invented Detroit techno, electronic music godfathers
  • Preoccupations – keeping the post-punk tradition alive and well

There are too many more sets I’d love to catch, but alas, there will be conflicts – many conflicts. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and keeping a flexible outlook. No matter what, this will be a Coachella for the ages. I’m already counting down the days!

Lineups from the Past Seven Coachellas

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