Coachella 2014 Full Lineup

Wow, Coachella just pulled a fast one and dropped their full lineup for 2014 at least a couple weeks too early. What a treat! Looks like they wanted to avoid last year’s near-debacle (lost out Paul McCartney and the midnight signing of Red Hot Chili Peppers as replacement) and play it safe by absolutely KILLING it this year with who they managed to get. Check out it below!

Coachella 2014 lineup

My wishlist for all three days below, with some random comments/gibberish on why I picked them.

Day 1

  1. OutKast – probably the biggest Coachella rumor and one of the most anticipated sets of the festival
  2. Chromeo – digging their electrofunk sound, Canadian Arabic and Jewish duo
  3. HAIM – loved their performance at Treasure Island, one of my top female band albums of the year
  4. The Glitch Mob – never seen them live, but really like their chill, laid-back beats

Day 2

  1. Muse – granted, their last album was a dud in my book, but they are still one of the greatest live acts I’ve seen
  2. Queens of the Stone Age – supporting their solid new album, no doubt
  3. Skrillex – I’ve come to respect his work, although it can still be overbearing at times – read my post on Skrillex to find out why
  4. Pharrell Williams – no way…could it be? Are Daft Punk going to show up for a song or two??? Another “most anticipated” set this year
  5. Lorde – one of my current favorites, in heavy rotation on my Spotify, another one of my top female band albums of the year
  6. Foster the People – haven’t seen them live, but liked their debut album
  7. MGMT – saw them at FYF, loved their debut album, newer stuff is sorta weird/trippy
  8. Empire of the Sun – catchy, feel-good group, should be a fun one
  9. Nas – sleep is the cousin of death…can’t wait to see this living legend live!
  10. Sleigh Bells – Treasure Island performance was one of the most fun sets, looking forward to more
  11. Cage the Elephant – really like their older stuff, first time I get to see them live
  12. CHVRCHES – great live act, one of my top female band albums of the year
  13. Foxygen – love their latest album, chill indie rock

Day 3

  1. Arcade Fire – definitely in support of their critically-acclaimed new album Reflektor, amazing live, can’t wait to see them for the first time
  2. Beck – another living legend, set at Treasure Island was great
  3. Neutral Milk Hotel – one of the greatest alternative bands of the early 90s, recently got into their stuff
  4. Disclosure – I can’t wait for this set! By far one of my favorites at Treasure Island and hands down one of the best EDM live shows!
  5. Little Dragon – Yukimi the lead singer is Swedish-Japanese and totally awesome, their Treasure Island set was solid
  6. Chance the Rapper – breakout album of 2013, excited for this one

Saturday is looking to be THE day, but all three days are solid. This is definitely one of the better Coachella lineups of recent years, and although I realize I won’t be able to see all the sets on my wishlist (there will be set conflicts inevitably), I’m still ecstatic for April. Starting the countdown and Coachella playlists very soon.

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