EuroTrip 2013 | London Return Day 3: Abbey Road and Flight Home

The famous crosswalk ahead

Our last day of the trip – can’t believe a month of traveling is over! We had a few hours to kill before the plane ride, so the bulk of this post will focus on what we did, specifically visiting Abbey Road and the famous crosswalk on the Beatles’ album cover of the same name.

After breakfast, we had about three hours before we needed to catch the metro to the airport. After doing some last-minute gift shopping at a grocery/department store, we started looking for other things to do to kill time.

Luckily, we found out that Abbey Road was only a mile away from our location, so we dropped our stuff off at the hostel and walked over. The road itself was located in a nice area of London, judging from all the nice cars we saw parked on the streets. We even passed by a car trailer where a guy was loading up 5-6 super cars, including at least two Ferraris…

When we reached the crosswalk, we almost missed it completely if it wasn’t for the small crowd of people gathered by it. It was funny watching tourists and Beatles fans time their crossings so they wouldn’t get honked at by cars, and traffic backed up a bit as more people tried to get their pictures taken at the crossing. We got a couple of good shots and I managed to squeeze in a quick filming while we walked across.

Next to the crosswalk was Abbey Road Studios, with the whitewalls outside the gated area completely covered in Beatles graffiti, drawn and written by fans around the world. It was really cool seeing the diverse people who visited this nondescript location, and we even added our own writing to commemorate the end of our Eurotrip!

After a filling lunch and wait at the airport, we were airborne, on our way home to the States. The airplane ride was pretty nice, and I managed to watch 5 movies this time around (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Little Miss Sunshine, Seven Psychopaths, Walk the Line, Identity Thief). My favorite was definitely Walk the Line, a Johnny Cash biopic, with brilliant performances by Joachim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Little Miss Sunshine was a close second, a movie filled with hardships that had an incredible story and message. You can probably guess that I didn’t sleep the entire ride.

We arrived at LAX in the early evening, utterly exhausted but glad we had such an amazing time. The trip may be over but I have a lot to process. I’ll try to write about some of my thoughts and other travel-related topics in the coming days, and I’ll be resting up/fighting jetlag in the meantime.

It's been a crazy exhausting month of traveling, but we made it!

It’s been a crazy exhausting month of traveling, but we made it!

Stay tuned and read about my other adventures in London, Paris, Berlin, Italy, and Spain!

Steps taken: 12,394 | Miles walked: 4.08

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