EuroTrip 2013 – The Beginning + Announcements

Hey all, so as some of you may have heard, I’m currently in Europe at the start of the month-long backpacking trip through five countries and over ten cities. I went with my roommate/friends James and Kevin W, and even though it’s been an exhausting journey so far, I’m having a blast and looking forward to the sights and adventures coming up!

Our flight to London Heathrow from LAX was smooth – spent about nine hours in the plane, watched three movies (Wreck-It RalphHitchcock, and Top Gun), caught a couple hours’ sleep, and landed and went through customs/luggage pick-up without any problems. We took the rail (“The Tube”) to the station closest to our hostel, and pretty soon, we were on our way to check in…not.

We spent the next hour to hour-and-a-half glancing at a picture of a map we took online, trying to figure out where we were and whether we were going in the right direction. It was pretty tough carrying a 12 kg backpack in hot and humid weather, but at least in our confusion, we ran into several interesting London landmarks, including Little Venice and the financial buildings, where people were on lunch break and staring at a group of underdressed kids wearing giant backpacks.

But no matter, we eventually found our way to the hostel, settled-down in the six-bed room (three-story bunks on two sides), and…promptly fell asleep. We were pretty jetlagged so we took a two-hour nap before venturing back out and trying some London cuisine – pizza, to be exact. We were famished and the place had a BOGO deal, so no big deal.

Back at the hostel, we did a better job coming up with a game plan for tomorrow – walking tour of the city, Tower of London, among some other activities, and we headed out again for a proper London dinner of fish and chips. The place was amazing and we’re now back at the hostel, hardly keeping our eyes open, ready for some shut-eye.

Crazy day, but more adventures ahead. As for announcements, I’ll keep them (sort of) cryptic, but expect something big happening to my blog soon. It’ll be nice. Plus some other souvenir opportunities. Stick around and read about our crazy (and random) adventures in Western Europe! GoPro vids a bonus!

Steps taken: 11,146 | Miles walked: 3.69

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