Summertime “In Limbo” Update

In Limbo

Well it’s been a week (or two? or three?) since the start of summer break, and I’ve been losing track of the hours and days – they seem to all mesh into one. Summer break so far has been a good time of rest – the getting-nothing-done-in-particular reality is what I’d looked forward to when I was racing against time to move out of my apartment.

And now that it’s here, I’m finding myself conflicted. On the one hand, its’ really, really nice. I can wake up whenever, not have to worry about school or work, endlessly surf the Web or watch YouTube videos without the repercussions of failing a test, or hang out with friends in the area. On the other hand, it’s been a bit stifling. Sure, I can drive out whenever I feel like it, but it’s just not the same – suburbia puts this mental block on going out – it’s too far, or too late, or not necessary.

I’ve always experienced this during past breaks, and the feeling eventually goes away as I settle into a comfortable existence. But this time feels different – it’s hard to describe but I’m sure it can be attributed to my upcoming trip to Europe and relocation to San Francisco. I’m referring to this period of summer as the “In Limbo” stage, and I’m learning to enjoy each and every day as it comes, because it probably won’t ever be like this again.

Today, I underwent a quick oral surgery procedure at my dentist because I had some kind of inflammation behind my front tooth gum. That front tooth was knocked out in the fifth grade and had a root canal, so while we’re unsure what the cause of the infection was, I’m just glad that the operation went by without any complications. I should have a good week of recovery before getting my stitches taken out a day before my trip to Europe.

Pain meds have been a godsend and I have an ice pack next to me as I type. Again, being in a recovery stage is teaching me patience and to just let go and enjoy my time, regardless of what I’m doing. This afternoon following the procedure, I watched Argo (great movie), listened to music, surfed the Web, and almost split my stitches laughing at various Conan and Laugh Factory clips. Word of advice – if you have oral surgery, don’t watch anything funny right after!

I’ve been planning out my trip to Europe with my friends, and it’s starting to take a concrete shape. We have transportation and hostels booked for our first week and a half, and I’m learning more about backpacking from reading travel blogs and talking to friends. Can’t believe we’ll be on the other side of the world in a week!

Blogging has been tough, not because I don’t have good content or because I’m hitting a writer’s block, but because things have been scattered for me mentally lately because I don’t feel like anything is set. Let me explain. Usually by this time of year, I’d have been in some kind of schedule for internships/classes, in one location. This time around, I feel like my location is temporary, and there are so many things going on and coming up. Hopefully, I get this sorted out, or figure out how to blog on the fly – I really do have a lot of stuff in mind that I’d love to share, and I guess I’ll take it one day at a time in that aspect, too. Stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already for my upcoming posts!

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