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Sun God 2013 Kendrick Lamar

A week ago, I embarked on the long drive from Berkeley to LA to San Diego right after my last final as an undergrad. I was heading to the Sun God Festival at UCSD, and I was excited to finally check out an awesome music festival I’d been hearing so much about. This post is a quick recap of my time at Sun God 2013.

I arrived at the UCSD campus a little before noon and promptly (and luckily) found a spot in the parking structure right before they closed it off to more cars for the day. Met up with my friend Judy and her friends Amy, Kiele, and Ambrose. We chilled for a bit, grabbed lunch, and went around ERC stopping by different people’s dorms.

I really liked the concept of a big music festival for college. As I walked through the living area/dorms, I basically witnessed a giant block party, with people blasting music out of their rooms and everyone out and about. Definitely felt the festival was a great way for students to take a break and have a good time. I met Nick, Andrew, Edward, Melody, and Tyler around this time and basically hung out with them for the rest of the festival.

We arrived on the festival fields in the late afternoon and caught Danny Brown’s performance. Since most of the anticipated performances were a bit later that evening, we left to grab some dinner before going back for Adrian Lux’s set, an awesome combination of beats and lights. Still, I enjoyed the next performance by Porter Robinson even more – great selection of music and fun times dancing in the huge crowd.

We left that one a bit early and headed across the field to the main stage, because we wanted to get good spots before Kendrick Lamar’s set. Also, Portugal. The Man was playing, so not a bad deal at all. We managed to get near the front of stage and caught a few songs from the band, including my favorite (and great closer) “Sleep Forever.” So much energy and emotion – I found myself closing my eyes and just enjoying the music.

After the performance, we waited in anticipation (and fought the rowdy crowd pushing their way to the front) for what seemed like an eternity. Then Kendrick appeared, and things got a lot better. Even though the crowd was still intense near the front, with a lot of pushing back and forth going on, I enjoyed the view and Kendick performed a good variety of his older and newer songs, including “Money Trees,” “Swimming Pools (Drank),” and my favorite “Poetic Justice.” He also threw in some freestyles, and at one point he was definitely making eye contact with our area of the crowd. What a great performance.

We were pretty exhausted after the festival, but decided to drive out to get some late-night food. We stopped by Vallarta Express for some carne asada (with eggs and bacon) fries, and ended the night chilling and recollecting our fun day at Sun God.

Overall, I had a blast at Sun God – I enjoyed the performances, met some new friends, and had a lot of fun!

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