Coachella 2013 Day 1 Recap

Bassnectar at Sahara Tent

Bassnectar at Sahara Tent

Back again! Waited a whole year and I’m finally at Coachella with my friends, enjoying the (intense) sunshine and dust, listening to some of my favorite bands in the world. Day 1 was a fun but tiring day, and I wanted to share some of the highlights!

We arrived in the early afternoon and went through the typical lines for parking and getting into the festival grounds. Pretty painless, and soon we were catching the tail-end of the Stars set and the entire Metric set at the Main Stage.

Passion Pit was on next and they were definitely my favorite of the day. He performed a good mix of all his songs, old and new, but I think I enjoyed his older ones the most (“The Reeling,” “Little Secrets,” “Sleepyhead”). “Sleepyhead” was amazing. The entire crowd was singing along, and everyone was jubilantly dancing, enjoying the music, and having a great time. Now this is Coachella.

We stuck around after to watch the Modest Mouse set. I was really excited for this one because I’ve been listening to the band since middle school, and this would be the first time I’ve had the chance to see them live. They didn’t disappoint, and played a great live show with some of my (and the crowd’s) favorites – “Float On” and “Dashboard.” For some reason, during “Dashboard,” a bunch of people around our area just decided to crowdsurf. So amidst floating bodies and people singing and dancing, the scene was surreal and I was glad to be a part of it.

Our group decided to grab dinner afterward at the food vendors. We bought Monster fries (pulled pork and coleslaw over french fries), went back to the car to chill for a bit, and stopped by the Ferris wheel.

First time on the Ferris wheel at night, and I’d say it was definitely worth it – it was amazing to see the entire festival grounds lit up in a rainbow of colors, with different art structures, crowds of people milling about, and stages blasting music all combining into a wall of movement and sound.

Bassnectar was our last set of the night at the Sahara tent, and this year the festival upgraded the tent and made it even bigger with more lights and displays. The show was absolutely mind-boggling – words would be hard to describe the experience, but I’d say some heavy bass (that courses through your body), an insane light show (the entire stage was basically a bunch of gigantic screens), and intense music (a mix of dubstep, drum & bass, and a little bit of trap) does a decent job.

An awesome end to the start of an epic three-day weekend at Coachella. Stay tuned for more highlights!

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