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Mister Business ABA Group Shot

This is a little late in coming, but better late than never. Just wanted to say that I had an absolutely AMAZING time during the Mister Business pageant last Friday. The support from my friends in ABA and IV was overwhelming, and I was happy for the opportunity to represent my business club as Mister ABA.

Even though I didn’t win the Mister Business title (congrats to Carl who did!), I was genuinely glad to be up there just having fun. After the event, one of my friends came up to me and told me that if there was one thing he would definitely remember from the pageant in future years, it was my talk about my passion for reading, and my challenge for everyone in the crowd to using their knowledge to inspire and empower others. That single affirmation in itself was better than any win, and I enjoyed sharing a bit about my life, my family, and some key people in my life’s journey.

I’d like to share the video here for my readers!

Shout out to all the contestants (Cody, Cameron, Matt, Gore, Kevin, Gabriel, Chen-Chen, Chimayo, Spencer, Carl). It was truly a pleasure, guys. And mega props to the ABA Social Committee Chairs Wayne and Tiffany for organizing such a large-scale and successful event!

Mister Business Crowd

Definitely a highlight of my senior year, and entire college career!

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