Glen’s Things To Do: Senior Edition

Redwood Road near Grizzly Peak

Redwood Road near Grizzly Peak

This week is my hell week – it’s been a tough one, with midterms, presentations, and the like. But considering that I had hell weeks every week back in the day, this isn’t too bad by comparison, and I’m almost, just almost, done. I’m studying for my last midterm (tomorrow) ever as a college undergrad, and I can’t stop thinking of the things I’d like to do my last few weeks at Cal. So many things, so little time!

– Sunset wine cruise in SF bay

– Napa Valley

– Riding at Grizzly Peak

– Trying out more food spots in Berkeley

– Resuming The Food Spotlight posts

– Resuming randomTIDBITSofthough posts

– Indoor rock climbing (bouldering)

– Catching up with friends

– COACHELLA (9 dayss)

– Biking Berkeley/Oakland

– Cleaning out room/getting rid of unnecessary belongings

– Paintballing

– Go-karting

– Flying (I have a voucher for a flight lesson)

– Planning out summer trips (Europe, maybe Route 66)

– Apartment hunting for next year

– More to be determined!

First things first, gotta get back to studying and finishing strong.

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