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Hey all! I’m excited to be sharing with you another guest post from a friend of mine, Vi Tran! I first met Vi through ABA, and she’s currently working on some exciting projects, including a Volunteer Dental Mission to Panama. I’ll let her share with you her vision and hope with this trip.

Hello! I am Vi Tran, a second year pre-dental student at UC Berkeley. Over the past few years, I’ve volunteered at numerous places, but I didn’t feel that my impact was enough. During my first year at college, I wanted to go beyond one-time volunteering events to creating sustainable resources for the underprivileged.

I joined International Service Learning, an organization that connects students and healthcare professionals to developing countries that struggle to attain simple health needs.

This spring break, I will travel with a team of UC Berkeley students to two small towns in Panama. Over 600 families have been notified, and most haven’t received dental care for over a year. My team of 10 will spend as many as 3 hours per patient to ensure better oral hygiene for improved health.

My goal for this trip is to teach the families of Panama how to maintain oral hygiene. I’m more than excited to care for these families. Thank you for your support!

I think it’s awesome that she’s doing this, and if you’re interested in contributing financially, Vi has an ongoing Indiegogo campaign where you can help her reach the fundraising goal. For the price of a meal, you could be helping Vi and other UC Berkeley students make a positive impact in nearly 600 families’ lives. My best wishes to Vi and the team! 

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