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Hey all, it’s been quite some time since my last What’s Up post, and this will be my first since the start of spring semester. I’ll try to include some major highlights from Glen’s life, and maybe some thoughts.

I’d characterize this semester as a relatively “chill” semester, because I’m taking a lighter course load (13.5 units + DeCal) and I’ve finished recruiting. It’s been pretty awesome, but my schedule has definitely not been as free as I’d thought at the start of school.

Three of my classes are core classes that I need to graduate with Business and Media Studies degrees (Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Freedom of Speech & the Press). Another class is a required business elective (Advertising). I’ve made the best of my situation by adding on a Radiohead DeCal and auditing Robert Reich’s famous Wealth and Poverty class.

For extracurriculars, I’m continuing my role as co-project manager with my roommate for ABA Consulting, which we started last semester. We’re still keeping it internal, but I’m very excited because we booked some great clients this semester. I’m looking forward to working with the team (shout out to Karen, Tina, and Ingrid) as well as the projects.

I’m also continuing with YWCA’s PEP program, where I work with pre-schoolers in Oakland Chinatown, and Haas’s YEAH program, where I help mentor high school freshmen as they work with a real client. It was definitely very rewarding to help out last semester (and I had a lot of fun), so I’m looking forward to the great things in store for the spring.

Since the end of my ABA presidency, I’ve been able to become a lot more active in attending church and fellowship meetings. I’m going to Gracepoint for Sunday services and InterVarsity small group and large group meetings during weekdays on a pretty regular basis. No more disappearing for weeks on end – and I’m glad.

I also signed up for IM basketball, my first time since sophomore year, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to play ball with close friends on a weekly basis. Hard times hit when I played my first game tonight. I sprained my left ankle pretty badly early on in the game and it just happened to be the ankle I’d sprained twice in the past. I’m lucky to have been wearing an ankle brace, or it would’ve been a lot worse.

Definitely disappointing – I really hope my ankle heals quickly, and I’m determined to make myself useful on the team this semester by focusing on my jump shot. Typically, my shot is the most consistent over the summer when I play several times a week, so my goal this semester in IM bball is to add value by become a consistently good shooter.

It’s still early on in the semester, but there’s so much I want to do in my last semester at Cal! It’s daunting, actually, and at times I feel like I take the easy way out and just sit in front of my computer when I could be out exploring or doing things. At the same time, I’m sure that once semester gets rolling, I’ll be able to try out some fun activities.

Here are some that I have planned out or in mind, hopefully happening in the near future:

Go-karting – My roommates and I still have a four-race pass to use at K1 Speed

Paintballing – I recently purchased a deal on Living Social for a full day at a paintball facility

Indoor rock climbing – Still considering whether I should pull the trigger on a Groupon deal

Airplane flying – Thanks to a generous bday gift from a wonderful friend, I’ll be in the air sometime this semester

Biking Berkeley/Oakland – It’s my hope to explore Berkeley and Oakland on my bike – I’d love to just see all the unique things in each neighborhood and city

Snowboarding – I bought a discount card with some of my friends that gives us free lift tickets to four ski resorts. I just purchased snow chains for my car and I’m borrowing a snowboard from a friend, so this looks like a go

Wine-tasting – Either on a mini-cruise in SF or Napa, or both

Food blogging – I hope to expand my food blog (and my personal blog) this semester, reaching more of the Berkeley student population, and generating solid and useful content. Also hope to sign on some sponsors for my food blog – stay tuned on this one

COACHELLA – Recruited more people to go this year – ha. So excited for the lineup and prepping for April via Spotify

Alrighty, I think that’s a pretty good list for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit up most if not all of these by the end of semester. I definitely think it’s doable, but always gotta take schoolwork into account. So many things to do, so little time!

Oh, and I need to remind myself that taking breaks and taking it slow are not bad – I think they’re definitely a necessity for an enjoyable semester, too!

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