ABA First General Meeting Spring 2013

Spring 2013 First General Meeting

So this is it. My last ABA First General Meeting. Bittersweet, but a great finale to an amazing four years in this organization. I had the opportunity to attend First Gen last night, and I was thoroughly impressed by all the Cabinet members’ presentations, speeches, and charisma. It’s always a risk when changing things up, but the Spring 2013 Cabinet pulled it off quite impressively. So my hats off – and best of luck this semester, all.

As I was heading out after the meeting, a conversation with some friends led me to realize that I didn’t think much (at the time) about this meeting being my last. I guess it just hasn’t hit me yet, and I’m sure that when it does, I’ll feel it in its entirety.

But I still want to express appreciation for the organization and community that gave me so much in just a short four years of my life. I’m soundly convinced that words will never be able to fully describe the experiences I shared with some of my closest friends on campus during each of these semesters.

It’s hard to believe that in the grand scheme of things, four years isn’t too long, but wow, is college the exception. Time to end this semester with a definitive sense that I’ve experienced it to the fullest. Carpe diem.

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