Meet My New Hamster, Esau

Esau the Hamster

Meet Esau. He’s my new Syrian long-haired hamster. I got him from my church’s white elephant gift exchange a couple of days ago, and he’s been getting acclimated to his new home.

It’s been pretty awesome so far watching Esau eating, burrowing, running around, and climbing his cage. He’s pretty smart, fun-loving, and chill. Doesn’t bite and likes to sleep a lot, but when he’s up, he’s hyper. I usually let him run around my room in his hamster ball, and it’s quite entertaining watching him explore.

Apart from several betta fish, I’ve never had any pets growing up, so this is a serendipitous fulfillment of a long-time desire. Looking forward to bringing him back to Berk and watching him enjoy his new home!

Oh, and for the curious, Esau is a biblical name which literally translated from Hebrew means “hairy.” He’s quite a hairy fellow!

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