Last post of the night! This one is related to my realistic view of the world.

If people asked me about my talents, this would likely be the one I’m most confident in sharing with them: I have a very realistic view of the world. I’m a realist – this wasn’t always the case but developed from experience and knowledge. I’m able to objectively assess whatever situation I’m in and come out with a realistic view of what’s very doable, possible, or highly unlikely.

An advantage is that I definitely have a much more level head in stressful situations. In these circumstances, a lot of people tend to let emotions outweigh reason. I’m more able to take a step back, analyze what’s going on, and recognize the options and likelihoods of success.

But this leads to a disadvantage: if I’ve concluded that something is highly unlikely to happen, I might turn my attention or energy elsewhere, even when there’s still a chance, no matter how small, of that possibility still happening. It’s also harder for me to see entirely new possibilities, unless I know from similar experience or examples.

Going along with realism, I also have a fairly realistic view of most people. I’m very good at telling if a person is genuine or merely putting on a face, through observation and taking in different aspects of that person. With emotions, I’m not as good, but with the overall, big-picture view of a person, I tend to make accurate conclusions.

That’s it! Enjoyed writing tonight. Looking forward to Santa Cruz and taking a good break this weekend.

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