My Trip to Tibet

Potala Palace

While we’re on the topic of traveling, thought I’d share one of the most amazing and fulfilling trips I’ve experienced. About 6 years ago, my family and I traveled to Tibet. The sights and sounds that I came away with impacted me greatly – I felt that I discovered a new world and matured as a person, all over the span of about a week.

Tibet is one of the most serene and pure places I’ve been to. There’s no other way to describe it. I don’t know if it’s the raw beauty, the altitude sickness, the devoutly religious culture, or a mix of all three – it just felt like we were at a very holy and special place.

It was one of the first experiences I’d had seeing people entirely different from the people I was used to seeing in modern society. I remember that during our visit to the Potala Palace (where past Dalai Lamas lived), I was climbing the steps up to the top and just spotted an area to sit down and gaze out over the entire city below. It was one of the most amazing feelings I’d experienced in my life, and I really felt both very insignificant and very blessed at the same time.

If there’s one place I absolutely need to return to for a future visit, Tibet would be that place.

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