Another Blogging Marathon

Whew…it’s been a crazy week, probably one of the tougher ones this semester. Midterms, papers, interviews, one after the other. Unlike the summer, the school year is definitely a tougher time for me to find my personal alone time. There’s always something to do, whether it’s studying, hanging out with friends, or taking care of various obligations.

Tonight is one of the first nights since the start of school that I’ve had some time to myself, and I’m taking full advantage of it by relaxing, reflecting, and writing. Wish I could do this more, but with the semester not slowing down anytime soon, I’ll spend my time tonight just writing.

I have some topics lined up that I’ve been thinking about for some time now, so I’ll write on-and-off for the next couple of hours or so (or until I get distracted or sleepy). Quick preview: learning style, wanderlust, do unto others, realism. Intrigued? Stick around for some incoming posts!

Music’s on at full blast (Zeds Dead), had a fun night in the city yesterday, and spent today hanging out with friends. Time to write.

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