ABA First General Meeting Fall 2012

Going with my tradition of posting about ABA’s First General Meeting each semester since I started my blog, figured I’d share a few quick thoughts about tonight’s First Gen.

First and foremost, congrats to Fall 2012 Cabinet for the amazing show! It was hilarious (and informative), and I could tell all of you practiced tons and gave it your all. My hats off to all of you.

Second, I’m starting to feel old. And nostalgic. And (a bit) sad. I can’t believe this is my last fall semester First Gen, and I can’t believe it’s been a year since I stood on the stage, nervously trying to remember my President’s speech (yes, I was really nervous and didn’t want to screw up).

I’m determined to enjoy this coming semester and the next, to make the most of each day, and to continue helping out at the club that gave me so much.

Here’s to an amazing Fall 2012! ABA Love.

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