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It’s nearing the end of summer, I’ve had a relaxing couple of days at SoCal, and there are a ton of things that I want to write about.

I’ll get around to it – these are some topics I had in mind: internship, summer, Twitter, business classes (Re: Ask Me Anything questions). In the meantime, I’ll share a short post on something I’ve been doing most of summer – hitting the gym and playing basketball.

How do I play basketball?

I’m usually a chill/nice guy, but on the court, I’m a fierce competitor. A lot of times, it’s not even about the people on the other team, it’s about how far I can push my own limits.

Whenever I guard someone, I usually give that person a really hard time. My mentality on defense is to prevent that person from ever scoring. I’ll stick the opponent closely, deny the ball, put a hand in the face, whatever it takes to keep that person from scoring.

I enjoy playing against people taller than I am. It gives me an added challenge, and I typically perform better against taller people because they tend to underestimate me.

On offense, I’m usually the point guard, but my playing style is what people would call “tricky.” When people guard me with their backs facing me, my favorite trick is to start in one direction and run in the other. By the time they realize their error and change direction, I’m well on the other side with the ball.

I’m a huge believer in the importance of grabbing rebounds. I take special pleasure in being able to out-jump a lot of taller people and fight for the board. People don’t realize that other than scoring, other basketball fundamentals are equally important.

When I usually play, I don’t keep track of the score, or how many points I score. I just focus on the game itself and playing my best. A lot of times, I judge how well our team played the game from the overall feel, not necessarily from the final score.

And when it comes to running, I always hustle. A lot of points come from out-hustling others, so I’m always on the move, always there for that outlet pass. I love fast breaks, but I also realize when we need to slow the pace down.

The point of this post? I love basketball, and when I play, I pour my heart and soul into it. We may be best buds off the court, but on the court, if I’m guarding you, you’re not going to score. There’s no other way I can play.

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