God’s Bath Swimming Hole

This past weekend, I went on my third and final swimming hole trip of this summer. About ten of us embarked on a three-hour drive to God’s Bath in Sonoma. I couldn’t wait for this trip, having seen some pretty awesome pictures online. And the fact that this place was named God’s Bath meant it had to be epic, right?

Long story short, God’s Bath was indeed epic. Beautiful scenery, a gushing mini-waterfall, a pool where you could swim underneath to get to another larger pool, plenty of rocks to jump off of, this place had it all. Even the hike was a bit more challenging than usual, with some areas requiring us to use ropes that other people had tied to trees in order to continue onward.

But the biggest attraction (quite literally) was a 50-ft cliff jump directly into the water. I ended up doing this jump twice (along with three others), and even though it was a terrifying experience, it was so much fun. Not even the bruises from my landing on my thighs could dampen my excitement at having free fallen for close to two whole seconds in the air. Did I mention that the jump was terrifying?

Video of yours truly below. This was my second jump and I did a better job of keeping my body straight. Yelling on the way down definitely helped ease some major tension. My thighs are still bruised, by the way.

These swimming hole trips will definitely remain highlights of summer 2012, along with my internship, Tahoe trip, concerts, and all the other fun activities I’ve been fortunate enough to do. I’ll definitely hold on to these good memories and fun times as I finish the summer and start my final year at Cal.

It isn’t over yet. Two more weeks! Looking to make the best use of the rest of summer.

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