I was talking to a friend yesterday about friendship, and more specifically how friendship can be fleeting, especially during the college years.

We found it amazing that in as short a time as a semester, good friends drift apart, separated by the busyness of school, clubs, and increasingly different activities and interests.

I see it in my own life, with classmates that I’d talked to for an entire semester and friends who were in the same organizations. It’s unfortunate that we aren’t in contact any more, but also understandable (just look up Dunbar’s number).

What indicates true friendship? I’d say that above mutual understanding, interests, energy spent, etc., the most important element is longevity. Change is the biggest culprit in friendships drifting apart. Your closest friends are the people that stick around even when circumstances and surroundings change.

But at the same time, I don’t discount the many friendships that I’ve made over the course of my life. At a particular point in time, these friends and I shared great memories, impressive accomplishments, and fun activities.

This post is for the friends that I no longer keep in contact with, not because of animosity, but because of the fact of life. Thanks for the good times, and whatever you may be doing now, I wish you the best. Maybe one day, under some sort of circumstance, our paths will cross again.

Until that day, Godspeed.

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