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So I’ve been having a blast at my internship at Macy’ these past several weeks. Learning lots, getting engaged, and doing impactful work – I really like it! The intern program also has a breakfast series where we sit down and chat with a different company executive each week.

Last week, we had breakfast with Mike Robinson, the Senior VP of Technology at Macy’ Mike talked a lot about his personal experiences in getting to where he is today, and really encouraged us to follow our passions above all else in choosing our careers and living our lives.

I caught up with Mike after the breakfast via email to ask for any advice or insight that he could share with my readers.

My question: “What you would say is the single best advice for succeeding in the professional world post-graduation?”

Mike’s response was advice that his very first boss had shared with him – you can read his thoughts below:

“Always – without fail – do good work… and the rest will just fall into place.”

It’s a simple – and maybe too simple adage – but it’s one I truly believe in, and is something that when all else fails, or when faced with politics or doubt or indecision – I simply find myself coming back to.

In the end – I truly believe that if you just do really high quality work, and deliver at or above what is expected of you – career progress, satisfaction, recognition will all just naturally happen. Maybe not at the pace that others might achieve who might scheme their way through things, or focus on playing the political game, but in the end, integrity, commitment and a strong work ethic always have won out for me.

Thanks again, Mike, for sharing your thoughts!

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