Little Bro Visits for the Weekend, (Good) Food Ensues

Title is pretty self-explanatory. The younger bro dropped by for the weekend after his three-week summer program for high schoolers at Stanford. Stayed over my apartment, and we hung out and in typical Chen-Dai family fashion, got tons of amazing food along the way.

I think it’ll be easier to list out the places we ate at over the weekend. As a bonus I’ll even link the food places to my older posts! Apart from that, we caught up on life, shopped in the city, explored the campus, and more.

1. Super Duper. Nice, juicy, tender burgers. Now this is what you call a burger’s burger.

2. Fenton’s Creamery. Had to stop here for a bite and the amazing Black & Tan sundae.

3. Gott’s Roadside. Two words: Ahi Burger. Giant slab of sushi-grade tuna, seared on the outside, rare on the inside, combined with coleslaw, teriyaki sauce, and two buns.

4. Mr. Green Bubble. The best boba in the Berkeley/Oakland area, hands down.

5. Thai Temple. I haven’t done a review of this place, but it will hopefully be up soon. Famous in Berkeley for its Sunday-only brunch. Amazing Thai food, great atmosphere.

6. Gypsy’s Trattoria. Can’t ever go wrong with the Godfather’s Favorite.

7. Ici. The best-quality ice cream in the Berkeley area. Gourmet and good to go. We had the creme brulee flavor, with the cone, of course.

Awesome weekend, filled with good food and cheer. Hope you enjoyed the Bay Area, bro!

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