Middle Rock Creek Swimming Hole

Went on a day trip today with some friends from IV to a swimming hole at Middle Rock Creek in Chico. The drive was about three hours each way, and a group of 18 people went, so it was quite the trip!

Too tired to write in detail, so here’s a quick recap of today’s activities:

1. Hiked for a bit and climbed some rocks to get to the swimming hole. It’s an absolutely beautiful place, with abundant trees, fresh air, and clean water. Not to mention waterfalls and mini-rock cliffs.

2. Jumped off the mini-rock cliffs into the water. Did some flips, dives, etc. Got some awesome pics, hurt my back, enjoyed the freezing cold water. It was all worth the fun and adrenaline rush.

3. Rode the currents down a “water slide” – basically some smoothed-out rocks and lots of water running down into a small pool. Also jumped from the rocks above into the pool.

4. Napped in the sun – longer than I had expected (I sort of just dozed off). It was very hot when I woke up. Thankfully, no (major) sunburn, plus it was a REALLY good nap!

5. Walked over to a giant waterfall with a cave behind it. I didn’t get the chance to actually go in the cave (I was napping when the others did), but it was still pretty sweet seeing the view and imagining the stone getting smoothed-out by the waterfalls over thousands of years.

Fun, fun, amazing day. I love nature, and I sincerely believe that humans have an inherent connection to it. Will aim to spend more time enjoying this in the future.

Thanks to Clay for organizing the trip and to all the awesome people who made this an amazing day!

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