Weekends Are Awesome – Especially When Family Visits

This past weekend, my family drove up to the Bay Area, and what ensued was a fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating time spent in good company. My brother got into Stanford’s EPGY program for high schoolers and my dad also had an expo to attend in Reno next week, so things worked out for everyone to get together in San Jose to enjoy the weekend. This is the recap.

Friday night, I drove down to San Jose after work to meet up with my family and uncle – we ate some legit Chinese food for dinner at Milpitas Square. Spent the night at my uncle’s place, and the next morning (noon, actually), we woke up and enjoyed a very filling dim sum lunch at Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant.

The afternoon was spent at the Gilroy Outlets, where we visited a bunch of big-name stores and enjoyed the nice day out. I fell in love with a Movado watch and tried it on. Didn’t buy it, but one can dream, right? By late afternoon, we headed to Oakland for dinner – I’d made a reservation at Scott’s Seafood.

Scott’s is located at Jack London Square, a nice location next to the water. The restaurant itself is quite classy, and I’d tried the place before for a banquet and liked the food. We each ordered some sort of seafood-related dish – definitely fresh and delicious. Plus, my brother and I split a freshly-baked mini-apple pie a la mode for dessert.

Sunday morning, we stopped by a rose garden in San Jose, then visited Steve Job’s house in Palo Alto (it was sealed off and under construction). In the afternoon, we arrived on the Stanford campus and dropped off my brother for his program. He’s staying in a triple, and the house they’re in was pretty nice.

We spent the next two hours at the Stanford Shopping Center and made it back to the program in time for a BBQ dinner. We also met up with a family friend, and her daughter Christine was kind enough to take us on a quick tour of the Stanford campus, where we took a ton of pictures, stopped by the medical center, and visited the graduate dorms.

Stopped for a late dinner at Cupertino. I didn’t eat (was still full from the BBQ), but I tried boba from Fantasia, and it was definitely some pretty quality boba! Before long, I was saying goodbye to my family and friends, and found myself back at Berkeley, in time for bed and ready for work this coming week.

Overall, I had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I’m glad I got to spend some quality time with my parents, brother, relatives, and friends. It’s actually been a while since everyone in the family’s been in one place, so the trip down to San Jose was definitely worth it!

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