What’s Up | 06/18/12

The past few weeks of summer have been a blur. I’d settled into a nice routine of sorts – going to work during the day, napping in the afternoon, eating dinner, playing ball, then chilling/blogging. It’s nice. Happens every summer, and I think it’s something that I just need to do periodically.

I finished my internship at ArcSource last Friday. It was definitely bittersweet – my co-workers threw a mini-goodbye party, complete with cake, cookies, and gifts. They even decorated the whiteboard with some pretty awesome drawings of yours truly (including one done by the four-year-old son of one of my co-workers).

I had a blast at this internship the past three months, hands down. From traveling to Washington, D.C. to getting to know my co-workers to working on various interesting projects, I learned so much more and felt that I actually contributed useful things to the company. Plus, I really love the flexibility and the really cool people. I’ll definitely miss them, but I know this won’t be the last I’ll see of them.

The weekend was action-packed. Rock climbing at Bridges, catching a live taping of The X Factor, dropping by to surprise a friend for his birthday, playing lots of ball and eating lots of good food – these were just some of the things I was able to do and enjoy.

Today was the big day – my first day at my new internship at Macy’s.com in San Francisco. This is my first corporate internship, and I’m so excited for the experience this summer! I met ten other interns, and we spent the day learning about the company and training. Grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with the group and toured the corporate offices on Market Street where I’ll be working.

Most of the interns are my age and go to school at Berkeley, Stanford, SLO, and UCSB. They seem like a bright group of people, and I’m really looking forward to working with them and getting to know them better this summer. I’ll be meeting my supervisor and learning more about my projects tomorrow.

The past several days, through various means (church service, books, self-reflection), I’ve been reminded just how blessed I am. For me to be given a good family, good upbringing, and good education, I have a lot to be thankful for. I know that not everyone gets this chance in life. And I’m determined to make full use of these opportunities and not let them go to waste.

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