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Hey all! In case you missed my post last week about some new features in my blog, click here to find out more!

It’s my pleasure to introduce my first guest blogger of this series – Lydia Hu! Lydia will be a second-year student at Berkeley, and she authors the excellent (and very popular) My 365 Steps to Confidence blog on Tumblr and Facebook.

My 365 Steps to Confidence stemmed from Lydia’s resolution of improving her confidence by documenting something that she does or says that boosts self-esteem each day for 365 days. According to Lydia, she hopes that her blog will “inspire and help people grow to their fullest potential.”

Check out her blog at I promise you’ll be impressed and inspired!

Now without further ado, here’s Lydia’s post! (I’m definitely flattered – thanks for the kind words, Lydia!)

I thought for a long time about what to write for Glen’s blog. What an honor it is to be one of his guests! Wanting to help successfully launch his guest blogger series, while exciting, also put a bit of pressure on my shoulders. Glen allowed me to write about pretty much anything, even the weather or my own blog…so, naturally, I started by thinking about all the stuff I knew about Glen.

He is an avid food adventurist. He even keeps his own food blog called “The Food Spotlight,” which you all should check out if you haven’t already at As a native of one of the best places in the world to try different authentic cuisines, good old San Francisco, I thought I would lend a hand in recommending the places and dishes I love. That idea fell through, however, because frankly, I am embarrassed that I haven’t tried nearly as many restaurants and delicacies as other San Franciscans have. (Perhaps when I have a salary?) A post like that belongs in his food blog, in any case.

He loves his many modes of transportation. Car, bike, scooter, you name it, he’s got it. Not much else to say for a blog post except that I would one day like to learn how to ride a motorcycle and be as cool as he is.

He only goes to the best public university in the world and was only the President of the largest Haas-sponsored organization on campus. Enough said.

And, of course, he is a blogger. Like me, he discusses his own “random tidbits of thought” on a broad range of topics, such as love and intelligence, and updates his readers about what has been happening in his daily life.

And that’s where the similarities end. He actually knows what he’s talking about in all of his posts (haha). Whenever he gives advice, they are truly words of wisdom, often stemming from personal experience. While not particularly talkative in person, though it’s not at all hard to approach and start an interesting chat with him, Glen opens up about himself in his blog and I’m sure his readers all understand him more because of it. In his posts, he is friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and most importantly, himself, which is why we’re all fans of him and his work, right?

And that is an example of what it’s like to be in the mind of a blogger. I think Glen will agree.

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