The Perfect Day – 06/02/12

Today was a perfect day. I woke up around 11 AM after 8 hours of sleep, cooked a delicious NY steak (with two sunny side up eggs and some seasoned fries), caught up on some of my magazine reading, browsed the internet, and took a quick nap.

I’d spotted an interesting event on Facebook in the morning called the Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival in North Berkeley, so my summer flatmates Ki and Dotun and I decided to check it out.

I really liked the concept of the festival. Basically, a lot of the local food places offered some sort of chocolate-themed food, from truffles to gelato to chocolate soup. Admission is free, but you could buy tickets (1 ticket for $1) to purchase the special foods from different stores.

We watched a street magic show, enjoyed really awesome marimba music by a group called Saoza, and spotted some pretty insane chalk art on the sidewalks (anyone could draw, so kids to professional artists shared their work).

I bought some tickets and ended up trying Lush’s chocolate orange gelato (delicious and rich) and Love at First Bite’s mini chocolate cupcake (moist and perfectly baked).

After a quick Safeway run, we had dinner at a new restaurant in downtown Berkeley called Crunch, which is a Japanese fusion restaurant, and I K.O.’d as soon as I got back to the apartment for another nice nap.

When I woke up from my nap, I watched Scorsese’s excellent classic movie Raging Bull, chatted with my mom and brother on the phone, and listened to some good music.

What’s especially awesome was that I did not plan anything out (well, maybe except the steak), but things came along and I had a blast. Today was the perfect day!

Steak, chocolate, and ramen at

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