Glen’s Mid-Year Resolution

I was playing basketball today when I had a thought, a mini-epiphany of sorts. I know I’m not the most emotionally in-tune person. A lot of times when I could be more considerate or understanding, it just goes over my head. I’m not intentionally being inconsiderate or not caring, I just simply don’t pick up on it.

Personally, I have very simple needs, and when those needs are met (good food, good rest, doing what I love, being in the presence of loved ones), then I’m a happy camper. But on the flip side, I tend to forget that everyone is different personality-wise, and I need to be more aware of that.

So my mid-year resolution is to work on this aspect of myself. Nothing too drastic, just taking more time to think about others and how they’re feeling and responding, and reaching out more to people in general. No promises, but I think a good starting point is to pinpoint the issue and to start thinking more actively about it.

An important note to self: working on this doesn’t imply changing the core of who I am. At the end of the day, I’m still me, and if I try to be someone I’m not, it’ll hurt more than help. So again, small steps. Now that I have this written down, hopefully I’ll be more serious about trying to follow through.

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