I was on my flight back from D.C. Typically, flights mean movies, reading, and other things to keep me busy. But since this was one of those not-too-close and not-too-far flights (with Southwest), I didn’t have much in terms of in-flight entertainment.

So I began to daydream. And not daydream in a “normal” sense, but more like how I used to daydream as a kid. Back in the day, I used to construct epic adventures in my mind, living in vast worlds, controlling the stories how I saw fit. Looking back, those periods where I was supposed to be napping but never actually did were precious.

I wish I could go back to that more often – using creativity and imagination as my only tools of entertainment, not caring about the relative boredom of the present time and exploring a new reality. Wow, this is beginning to sound like Inception…

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