D.C. Trip 2012 – Day 5

Alrighty, a quick recap of the last day of my D.C. trip. Got ready around the same time as the previous day, grabbed Starbucks on the way to the city, and prepped for the rush.

Except there wasn’t a rush. Sure, people began streaming to our booth soon enough, but the final day of the expo was a lot more calm – most people had probably already headed out or were sight-seeing.

Nevertheless, we still got some really interested attendees, and because there weren’t as many people, we were able to spend more time talking about our products and showing the benefits to people who were interested or curious.

During lunch break, I met up with my high school friend Chris, who’s been working/studying this quarter in D.C. We enjoyed some sandwiches at a nearby cafe, and caught up on life, and shared our respective “what’s-been-up” updates.

My sense of D.C. after hearing Chris talk about it was that it’s a great place to explore, especially if you have the political connections or work for a politician. You definitely get some nice perks and get to see/experience parts of the city that many others wouldn’t be able to. I was intrigued and I hope I get the chance in the future to do this.

Since our flight was around 4:30, we were packed and on our way to the airport a record 30 minutes after the end of the convention at 2, which is impressive given that we had to move a giant TV, some computers, and a bunch of other stuff. Thankfully, we made our flight, and after 6 or so hours, arrived in the Bay Area.

All in all, I had a blast on this trip. Even though I didn’t get to go sight-seeing or explore D.C. too much, I had a great time at the expo, talked to all sorts of people, got to know my co-workers better, and enjoyed some amazing food. I’d only been with the company for several weeks, yet I was treated the same as the co-workers, working alongside company execs and having an active role in the entire expo process. Definitely very grateful for the learning opportunities, plus I’ll never forget the great memories from this trip!

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