D.C. Trip 2012 – Day 2

Today was an early day. Ready to go by 8 AM, which is 5 AM in California time. The group met up and stopped for a scrumptious breakfast before heading out to run some errands and prep work for the expo.

We went to Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, and the Apple Store, to name a few places, picked up the necessary things that we needed, and drove to the city just in time for lunch.

Washington, D.C. was bustling, filled with cars and people. Apart from the inordinate amount of tour buses and tourists, D.C. was like any other big city. Except for the tons of historic buildings and landmarks, of course.

Lunched at a cafe, where I enjoyed a pulled pork wrap. Post-lunch consisted of going to the Washington Convention Center to set up.

After several hours of hauling giant TVs, iMacs, and other goodies, plus setting these babies up along with our banners and signs, we were finally ready for tomorrow. Everything looked pretty good, and I was proud of the quick and effective work we put in.

We celebrated our hard work (plus a co-worker’s birthday) at a bar and grabbed dinner next door at a Belgian waffle house, ending our eventful day by returning to our hotel in Virginia.

I decided to take a spontaneous midnight walk around the hotel area, visiting a nearby neighborhood, looking at all the humongous houses, and ending the adventure at a McDonald’s (sweet tea for the win!).

Tomorrow’s going to be our first full day. I’m excited and I’m looking forward to the experience!

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  1. Jody

    random question but wth xD
    i’m curious, when co-workers go and drink at a bar, is it weird if someone doesn’t want to drink? and how much would you say it’s appropriate to drink? never been in that situation and usually try to avoid them but i don’t think i’ll always be able to xD
    sounds fun glen! :D

    • randomtidbitsofthought

      hmm i think this is highly dependent on the firm/industry you’re working for, plus the company culture. in my case, everyone’s cool if someone doesn’t want to drink, and actually, quite a few people didn’t. keep in mind though that my co-workers are in their 30s and 40s, so could be a far cry from companies with co-workers your age. in the end, if you’re firm on not drinking in these situations, i’d imagine people would respect that. hope this helps!

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