What’s Up | 04/29/12

Wow. The past couple weeks or so have been quite eventful. I’ll do my best to provide an abridged version/summary, plus maybe a thought or two.

Started work for my first internship two weeks ago. So far, it’s been pretty good – I’ve been going to the office on a part-time basis, and I’m working directly with the CEO. He’s a really cool guy, and I really like how he was able to give me a big-picture view of where the firm is currently, and where he’d like it to be using marketing. Also, I found out that I’ll be traveling to Washington, D.C., for a week with the firm after finals! Exciting stuff.

Been wrapping up my classes as well. Most have been pretty chill since all essays and big assignments were due a while back. I am so excited to finish up the semester and head into the summer! This is it! The make it or break it moment. I have five finals – including a presentation, essay, and three in-class finals. The next two weeks will not be pretty, but I’m determined to give it all I got to make it to the other side. Summer 2012, I’ll see you soon.

I’m also finishing up on my volunteer program, PEP. I had a blast this semester volunteering at a preschool in Oakland Chinatown, playing and interacting with the bright and fun kids there once a week. They are really friendly and open, and I always leave feeling de-stressed and in good spirits. I’d definitely recommend people who are interested to check out the program on the YWCA Berkeley’s website! I’ll probably be doing it again next semester.

Speaking of next semester, I don’t have much set in stone on what I want to do outside of school and recruiting. Part of me wants to just focus on school and recruiting to make sure I do a good job in both areas, but another part of me wants to get involved in other meaningful things as well. Considering that I don’t plan too far in advance, I’ll just wing it when the time comes to decide. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Tonight, I had the honor of attending my Christian fellowship Intervarsity’s Men’s Appreciation Night. Basically, all the junior class ladies put together a formal dinner for the junior class guys. They made some bombtastic food, prepped some really great videos and sharing, and all in all showed their appreciation for the guys in the fellowship. It was definitely a fun event (we also learned how to swing dance to Frank Sinatra, which was pretty awesome), and I’m very appreciative of their thoughtfulness! Full disclosure: the guys put on a similar event for the girls last year.

Okay, so just two more weeks, then freedom. I can’t wait for the summer, the longer days, increased exercise, overall chill pace of life, and biking. Here’s to all the Cal kids, as well as everyone else, who will be facing finals in the near future!

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