What’s Up | 04/15/12

Sorry guys. I have a ton of things in mind that I’d like to write about, but I just haven’t had the time and/or been in a particular writing mood the past week. I’ll get back into it – especially with Coachella coming up this weekend!

But first things first – a quick update on what’s been up!

So my last What’s Up post was about a month ago, and my, have a lot of things changed in just a span of four weeks. Really goes to show how dynamic life is, and to always be ready for what life throws at you.

I think the theme of my last check-in was that of uncertainty, and I’m glad to say that I figured at least some of it out for the near future. I finished recruiting around spring break, and I’m very blessed to have gotten two internships for the summer!

Basically, my second internship starts when my first one ends. I’m starting my first one tomorrow – it’s a marketing strategy internship for a small IT consulting firm, something that I’ve been really interested in doing. I’m excited for what this one will bring, and my biggest hope is that I learn a lot during my time there and grow.

My second internship will be in the city. It’s a project management internship with Macy’s.com, and I’m ecstatic to get the chance to work with a great team in San Francisco over the summer! I intend to make the best use of my situation, and just have a good time and work hard.

The one drawback of my interning situation is that I’ll be in the Bay Area pretty much the entire summer. I pretty much start working full-time right after finals, and I don’t finish until school starts in August. While I’m sad I won’t be able to go home too often, I’ll still make some drives down to SoCal to visit friends and family.

Plus, I’ll get the opportunity to really explore Berkeley and SF over the summer. I’m getting my bike fixed this week, so it should be good to go when I commute via bus in mid-June for my second internship. Definitely looking forward to the really nice “no-homework” mentality after work.

School’s been going well. Reaching the end of semester, so I’ve been working on a lot of typical end-of-semester projects and papers. Finals week will not be fun (I have a final scheduled for each day), but I plan to take full advantage of Dead Week.


Words cannot describe how excited I am for this weekend! Some of my all-time favorite bands, live, with some of my closest friends, in an awesome, fun, and memorable environment. You can be sure that I’ll have some great posts, pics, (possibly) videos up over the weekend.

Bands that I’m really looking forward to:

Friday – The Black Keys, M83

Saturday – Childish Gambino, the Shins, Bon Iver, RADIOHEAD

Sunday – araabMUZIK, Justice, Gotye

Getting to the end of semester was definitely not easy. I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel – but this in no way means that things will be perfect and that I can let up. That’s something I need to always remember, the reality check, avoiding complacency at all costs.

So in a nutshell, it’s just finals standing in the way of summer and freedom. And with the coming of summer, the possibilities are endless.

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