KONY 2012

I first heard of Invisible Children back in 2005, when our AP World History teacher Mr. Stratton showed our class the then-new documentary about children being kidnapped to become soldiers in Uganda. I remember hearing about the organization sporadically through the years, and they seemed to be championing a worthwhile cause.

Tonight, I had the chance to watch the new film from the makers of the original Invisible Children documentary, and I have to say that it is very impressive and inspiring.

It calls people, especially young people, to action, showing how change can only happen when enough people support a cause. They’re doing social media, guerrilla marketing, and politics right. That’s a lot to say about an organization that had many doubters from the beginning – and they’ve really made a positive impact in the world through the past 6 years.

Check out the film below if you have a half hour to spare (it’s a very well-done film!), or visit the website for more info. Thoughts in the comments section are welcome.

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