A Tribute to Stan & Jan Berenstain

Have some sad news to share: Jan Berenstain, co-author of the Berenstain Bears book and cartoon series, passed away tonight at the age of 88. Along with her husband Stan’s passing in 2005, this marks the end of an era for children’s books.

The Berenstain Bears books had a huge impact on my life and sparked my love for reading and writing. I was an avid collector of the books as a child – amassing piles and piles of the different story books and waking up early Saturday mornings to read and re-read them in the comfort of my bed.

I must’ve re-read each of those books hundreds of times, and each time was a treat. Whether it was about bullying, messy rooms, or learning to save money, the topics could be applied to every day life. The Berenstain Bears was like any other family that I knew, sending their children to school, going shopping at the mall, or celebrating the holidays.

Even during my transition to chapter books, I discovered that Stan & Jan had also begun to author Berenstain Bears chapter books, which I enjoyed through the years as well.

Stan & Jan, I’ve never expressed my appreciation for your works – thank you for truly impacting the life of this reader. I ascribe a lot of my current passions to a strong foundation in reading, and your books made reading fun and educational.

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