Taboo and Personalities

You can learn a lot about people’s personalities just by watching them play Taboo. It’s actually mind-boggling how unique each person is.

From how people describe words, to how they respond to the ticking clock (or hour glass, in this case), to how excited, calm, or nervous they appear, not a single person is the same.

This leads to a lot of trial-and-error before one person guesses what someone else is trying to describe, but sometimes, you’ll see two people who’ve known each other for a long time nearly perfectly in sync. Regardless, the game is almost always a lot of fun.

I think this is similar to how we view and interact with different people in our lives.

People might not start off with the same mindset, especially with differing personalities, but in time and with trial-and-error, they become friends through mutual understanding. Of course, this “inconvenience” keeps life interesting, and presents a challenge for people to have open minds and not be afraid to step outside their comfort zones.

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