VIDEO: Glen at Shooting Range – SIG Sauer P226 9mm

First time out at a firing range, first time shooting a gun. Went with my dad this afternoon, it was quite a fun experience! The gun I picked out was “three days old,” according to the owner. SIG Sauer P226 9mm, pretty standard handgun.

Loading the clips took a bit of practice. Shot about 100 rounds between me and my dad. Close-range with first 50 rounds and longer-range with last 50. Close-range shooting was definitely a lot more accurate!

Firing the gun felt very nice. Couldn’t believe how loud the shots were, even with ear protection. The recoil wasn’t too bad, but it did get a bit tiring after a while. Location was at La Puente Firing Range.

All in all, had an awesome time, and looking to go back in the future! Video below.

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