Are We Human or Dancer?

Learned something interesting today. Apparently, the lyrics from the Killer’s single “Human” was inspired by a quote from American journalist/author Hunter S. Thompson.

“We’re raising a generation of dancers.”

Thomas was referring to how people today live choreographed lives and are taught to unquestionably follow what everyone else is doing, becoming less human as a result.

Here’s an excerpt of the song lyrics:

I did my best to notice
when the call came down the line
up to the platform of surrender
I was brought but I was kind
and sometimes I get nervous
when I see an open door

close your eyes, clear your heart

cut the cord
are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I’m on my knees looking for the answer
are we human or are we dancer

Wow, that changed my perception of this song.

Are we unafraid to question the status quo and blaze our own trail? Or will we fall victim to living unfulfilling, choreographed lives?

Inspiration never sounded this catchy. Or synthpop-py.

Human after all at

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