Crazy Irvine Drivers: Close Call on Freeway

As I was driving to Irvine today on the 405, with a couple miles left before my exit, I witnessed a pretty crazy crash and a very close call.

A white pickup truck a couple lanes over was trying to exit and started tailgating a car that was driving in the slow lane. Then, the truck switched to the next lane and after a brief second, PLOWED into the side of the other car at 75 mph!

I heard the sickening grind of metal against metal, and in a split second, the truck spun out directly in front of me while I saw from the corner of my eye the other car spin in the other direction to my right.

As I watched the truck slow down from the initial spin, it faced my car and for a second looked like it was traveling in my direction. I hit the brakes.

Fortunately, the truck stopped, and I sped off and got off the freeway one exit later. I had never seen the hairs on my arms stand that high, and it was a long time before my breathing was back to normal.

Several thoughts:

1) I almost got hit by an out-of-control truck on the freeway

2) That was awesome! (The chain of events and the escape, not the actual incident itself).

3) What is wrong with that pickup truck driver? Was he really that angry at the other car to smash right into it? At full speed? On the freeway?

4) Do people in Irvine all drive like that?

Ha – Probably not, and from what I could gather, no other cars crashed into the truck and the car that was hit, so the people should be fine.

But wow, just shows the importance of always being ready on the road. Accidents could happen in the most random situations.

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