What’s Up | 01/05/12

Hey guys, just a quick update of my break, from last weekend on.

A family friend of ours, George, was staying at UCLA over winter break, so we invited him to spend the weekend and New Year’s with us.

On New Year’s Day, I went with my family and George to Ontario Mills to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX (real IMAX, of course). The movie was pretty awesome, and some of the city shots and stunts were pure beauty. Typical spy/thriller movie, involving a nuclear bomb plot, but well done indeed.

The family enjoyed a delicious hot pot dinner that night, with tons of beef (of all cuts and varieties) and tasty soup. Haven’t felt that full in a while.

The next day, I went on a snowboarding trip to Snow Valley with a group of friends from my church. I’d finally shelled out the money to buy a pair of snowboarding pants and goggles the night before, and someone lent me a snowboard, so I was good to go.

Apparently, there’s a snow drought in SoCal, but the fake slush-snow did the job and I had a blast snowboarding/falling down bunny slopes and the harder courses. I worked a bit on my carving, as I’d just gotten it down my last trip during the spring.

I love snowboarding, because it’s one of the rare times I feel absolutely at home and at ease. I plan to do some more trips, possible to Tahoe, in the near future.

That evening, I dropped off George at UCLA, and went home to work on prepping for recruiting.

On Tuesday, I drove to Irvine with Kevin and met up with Tiffany to enjoy some amazing burgers at Mick’s Karma Bar. We enjoyed our lunch in the relaxing SoCal sun and headed over to Balboa to try out some frozen bananas for dessert. Walked along the small shops – checked out the really cool gifts and artwork and had a great time.

Bought a five-day pass for Universal Studios and went on Wednesday with some high school friends. The place hasn’t changed much since my middle school years, but there were some nice updates – 3D King Kong on the Studio Tour, the Simpsons ride, plus oldies but goodies like Jurassic Park.

Today’s highlight was cleaning out my closet. Quick background info – my closet back home is one of those “throw whatever you don’t want to see” types of closets, and my parents had tried to get me to clean it every break since freshman year. So you can see that this was quite an accomplishment, plus I got to relive some high school (and pre-high school memories). Can’t believe how many basketball cards I used to buy.

Wow. One more week until school. Can’t believe break has gone by this quickly. I’m determined to start picking up the pace for internship recruiting prep. It’s going to take quite a bit of work, but my heart is now in the right place, and I’m determined to give it my best shot.

One thing I want to practice and improve on is working with numbers and charts, which is very important for consulting. I’m making it my goal to practice as much as I can. One fun thing I’d like to try out is remembering numbers more effectively. There are actually quite a few methods to do this, such as converting numbers to words or assigning sounds to each number. More info here.

I’m excited for what my last week of break will bring. Even though most of my friends will be back at school and I’ll most likely be home most of the time, there’s lots to do, and I want to make the most of my time. Will try to cut down on wasting time online and read more. Maybe start exercising again. Five pounds in two weeks. Yep, definitely.

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