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Quick note about BM.

Some of you may have seen this phrase on my old profile banner and hidden away somewhere on my Timeline cover photo. Roughly translated to “I think, therefore I go fast,” this phrase is a play on the classic Cogito Ergo Sum (pronounced soom), also known as “I think, therefore I am.”

It basically indicates my love for cars and all modes of transportation that bring speed into the equation. The phrase originated from Automobile Magazine, a publication I’ve subscribed to since sixth grade.

Going further back, I was an avid Gran Turismo player in grade school, learning about racing techniques and vehicle mods on a video game console. During fifth grade, I asked for all the old pictures of sports cars from my teacher’s 365-day car calendar.

I have my next 2-3 cars planned out at varying points of my life (Mark III or Mark V Volkswagen GTI, E36 or E46 BMW M3, to name a couple), which should be interesting goals to attempt to reach.

I love driving my current car, Baxter. Driving does wonders to relieve stress and to think. What’s awesome about cars is that you can enjoy driving them long after your body can no longer handle contact sports.

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