Vegas Trip Winter 2011 – Day 3

Vegas Trip Winter 2011 – Day 2 here.

Woke up today close to lunchtime, ate a quick lunch at Mickey D’s, watched a couple episodes of Mythbusters, and then went swimming at Aria’s pool.

There are normally two pools available. Only one was opened today, and it happened to be the shallow pool. No bother. Had a lot of fun running around in the water and fake wrestling with the bro.

We chilled at the jacuzzi for a bit and went back to the hotel room. For dinner, my family and some family friends drove over to the Asian plaza, the one all the Asian families eat at during their Vegas trips.

Not surprisingly, there were hefty Christmas crowds at all the restaurants, including our usual, Sam Woo. So to save some time, we decided to try out a newer Sichuan restaurant.

The food was tasty and oily, just what it needed to be. Washed down with some boba, and I was a very happy guy.

After dinner, my family stopped by Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. We caught another showing of the Bellagio fountains, and shopped at H&M at the Forum at Caesar’s Palace.

Bought some winter gear that’ll come in handy at Berkeley (hat and gloves) and navigated the crazy crowds at Bellagio on our way back to Aria.

Tonight’s our last night of the trip. So far, I’ve enjoyed the sleep, relaxation, and fun. It’s been a pretty awesome vacation, and I’m looking forward to a safe drive back home tomorrow morning!

Viva Las Vegas at

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