Vegas Trip Winter 2011 – Day 2

Vegas Trip Winter 2011 – Day 1 here.

Woke up today just in time for brunch, at none other than The Buffet at Aria. I’ve been to one other Vegas buffet in the past, and this one stacks up well.

Highlights included the meat carving station (prime rib, BBQ brisket, smoked ham), the made-to-order omelette station, and the dessert station. I had a good amount of meat, along with breakfast food and gelato for dessert.

There are also other stations that offered sushi, king crab legs, and made-to-order pasta. Service was great, the food hit the spot, and I left feeling very full and sleepy.

Accordingly, I took a good nap after brunch (yes, after waking up and eating, but hey, it’s called vacation for a reason, right?). Headed over to New York New York afterward, and rode their Coaster with Alan and a family friend.

I’ve been riding the Coaster since grade school, and it never gets old. Favorite part of the ride was the barrel roll going into a half loop. Plus, you get a nice view of the strip and even ride past the casino indoors at the end.

We had a few hours to kill, so we spent some time in the arcade (New York New York has one of the better ones in Vegas). Played the usual shooter games, failed at winning toys from the claw game, and eventually hit a jackpot of 460 tickets at the Jumpin’ Jackpot game.

Felt good because I’d never unrigged a machine before (that’s how it works, you know). On a side note, quite a few of you have asked it I’ve gambled yet. Nope, but we’ll see in the next couple days.

Parents went off to watch some old Chinese pop star with friends, so Alan and I ate dinner at In N Out, caught a showing of Bellagio’s fountains (Christmas songs, for the win), and met back up with the group post-performance at Monte Carlo, where we enjoyed Haagen Daz ice cream.

I’d say it was a great Christmas Eve, spent with family and friends. Which reminds me, MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! Enjoy the day and remember that there are many things to be thankful for looking back at the year.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Christmas in Vegas at

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