What’s Up | 12/21/11

First post since finals, and does it feel good!

I’ve been home (good ol’ West Covina) since Saturday, after a smooth (and ticketless) 400-mile solo drive from Berk. Seriously, the emptiest I’ve seen the I-5 – was able to cruise control most of the way, stop at In N Out, and make the trip in 6 hours.

The next few days, I did a number of things, which I’ll list in no particular order:

1. Enjoyed legit, and I mean legit, dim sum

2. Drank Half & Half boba for the first time

3. Caught up on sleep

4. Played pick-up basketball games at the youth center

5. Watched some good movies (so far: Zoolander, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Drive, Jackie Brown)

6. Hung out with high school friends

7. Spent time with family

8. Read books – finally putting that e-reader to good use

Break has been wonderful. The week right after finals is typically the best week of the semester. Nothing to worry about, and even if there were, you could afford some time to relax. I’m planning to take full advantage of this week.

I’ve noticed that I’m a lot less antsy this winter break compared to past college winter breaks. At least for the first couple of weeks in past years, I would feel trapped if I didn’t go out or do something with friends. Home felt confining, and I was used to being able to come and go at school. Not having a (drive-able) car probably added to this feeling of restlessness.

This time around, I’m perfectly at ease staying home and chilling. Not feeling so restless is a good change, and it’s definitely a lot less draining. Plus, I still hang out with friends and go out, so it’s a good balance. I also have my car this year, so that could be a factor. Still, I think it’s more of an age thing. I wonder if other juniors/seniors experience this, or if it’s just me?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rest of break. I’m going on a family trip this weekend, and there’s also a church retreat coming up that I attend annually. Will be spending more time with family and friends, enjoying lots of good food (who’d have thought Chinese food would be missed so dearly?), and resting up.

Oh, and I’m making it my goal to prep for the summer internship recruiting that I’ll be doing next semester, as well as reading more books and watching more movies. Possibly more food blog posts, too, if I’m feeling up to it.

Adventures await!

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