My Vinyl Collection

I’ve had my record player for three months – loving every moment I play music on it.

Post-midterm retail therapy saw an addition of five LPs…good thing I had a $15 for $30 Google Offer at Amoeba.

A good mix of classic and alt rock, jazz, and rap.

Some personal standouts:

OK Computer by Radiohead – my all-time favorite album

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest

Norman Grantz Jam Session by Charlie Parker, Benny Carter, and Johnny Hodges

There really is a difference in sound. I don’t have great speakers, but it’s still noticeable. People describe it as “warm,” which I think is an apt description. It’s great to just sit back and relax to music after a long day.

More LPs to come at

  1. tori

    audiophiles unite! Also, love that we bought the same 30 for 15 deal at meebs. Good taste as per usual, music-wise.

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